Project Ideas Wiki Page

Project Ideas Wiki Page

Projects Ideas for BITS Interns 2020

  • A light weight app to work with (

  • A script to process a speadsheet file to generate automatic reports (for office automtion at HBCSE)

  • GDF Graph Document Format

  • thinq: distributed app infrastructure

  • Using openCV based imaging -> drawing files

  • crow box - to study bird behavior

  • low cost pcr and gel electrophoresis

  • mechanized artemia culture

  • oxygen sensor for water: spectrophotometer

  • automatic fish feeder

  • air purifier for hospitals and crowded rooms

  • UV meter

  • turtleBot

  • IR thermal imaging -> Booth

  • NextGen Mask - Wearable

  • Contactless mechanisms for anything in regular life or health workers or slums

  • Door opening mechanism for public toilets in slums and public places

  • COVID releated personal safety set - COVID shield, mask, door opening hook,

  • Extension of the IoT Micro Weather Station Project


Internships Projects and Members (Tentative List) 19th May 2020

Please write here the projects you want to work and the group members for each group.

  1. Turtlebot (Ashish Pardeshi, JUde, Ravi)
  • Dhammapada Mohapatra (Mechanical)

  • Abhinand J Pai (EEE)

  • Anubhav Srivastava(Electronics and Instrumentation)

  • Vodela Amith Kumar(Electronics and Communication)

  1. A script to process a speadsheet file to generate automatic reports (for office automtion at HBCSE) (GN, Surendra, Siddhu)
  • Prince Ajmera (EEE)

  • Arshdeep Singh (Electronics and Communication)

  1. A light weight app to work with ( (GN, Mahesh, Siddhu, Surendra, Sadaqat)
  • Shubham Agarwal (Computer Science)

  • Bir Anmol Singh (Computer Science)

  • Ananya Khandelwal(Electronics and Instrumentation)

  • Anusha Agarwal (EEE)

  1. Thinq with GDF as a data format (GN, Abhinav, Vipin, Shreyas,)
  • Himanshu Pandey(Computer Science)

  • Prarabdh Garg(Computer Science)

  • Unmesh Roy(Computer Science)

  1. OpenCV - Converting microscope images to 3d images viewable with Carboard (Jude, Ravi, Ashish, Puneet Kishore)
  • Abhishek Kumar (Mechanical)

  • Aryesh Koya (Mechanical)


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