Push Pin Art (Pixel Art)

At the Science Activity Centre, IISER Pune,
we are on the verge of concluding our most extensive hands-on project, spanning nearly three months. Following the success of our StringArt initiative, our team have taken a new STEM challenge—creating pixel art using push pins.

Here are the key details:

Medium: Push pins in Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green
Design: Utilizing Inkscape software, we transformed the image of “SCIENCE ACTIVITY CENTRE IISER PUNE” into a pixelated representation.
Scale: The pixel image was adapted to fit a 12 feet x 2 feet 10 mm white foam sheet.

Pixel Count: The image was divided into 4000 pixels, and due to adjustments, each pixel now requires 4 push pins for implementation.

Total Push Pins: A remarkable 16,000 push pins collectively contribute to the creation of this pixel art.

Innovative Approach:
Each push pin serves as an RGB transistor, similar to those found in LCD TV screens or mobile devices. By applying specific voltages, we can precisely adjust the colors of screens, thus, mimicking the dynamic color display seen in modern electronic screens.

Educational Significance:
This project presents an engaging and collaborative hands-on activity suitable for teachers, students, and entire school communities. Participants not only contribute to the construction of a visually striking pixel art piece but also gain insights into the principles of RGB color representation and electronic displays.

Future Progress:
We are excited to share our ongoing progress and will provide regular updates on the development of this captivating pixel art project. Stay tuned for more updates!


Finally, we completed our pixel art with push pins. The final image can be seen here attached. It was appreciated by many school teachers and educators and are motivated enough to take this STEM challenge for their schools.

Final image: