Reactants, Products and Leftovers [26 April, 2021]

Reactants, Products and Leftovers

We discussed the concept of “Reactants, Products and Leftovers” from the scratch via PhET simulation.


  1. What are the components or units of a reaction?
  2. Why we can’t make one ammonia molecule (NH3) using one nitrogen molecule (N2) and two hydrogen molecule (H2) though we have 3 hydrogen atoms (H) and 1 nitrogen atom (N) in the system?
  3. From looking at the balancing chemical equation, how to take appropriate amount of reactants to have the required amount of products?
  4. What happens if we have some component in excess or shortage than the required amount?
  5. Can the exact mechanism of reaction is explained through the simulation or the simulation has some limitations?
  6. Share your thoughts, questions and comments regarding the simulation and your experience during exploring the simulation.

Please refer to the Part II for more insights of the topic through this simulation.

We welcome all kind of suggestions and feedback if this was useful and how can be collectively make it better.

Collaborators in video resource creation: Prof Savita Ladage, Deepak Arora, Hanza George, Mursaleen Shaikh, Ravi Sinha, Ashish Pardeshi, Indrani Das, Swarnava Mitra

PhET Interactive Simulations
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