Regeneration of fossil fuels

Regeneration of fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are formed due to immense heat and pressure in the earth’s crust over a long period of time.
Can’t we humans generate these fossil fuels by providing these conditions in laboratories on human and animal carcasses?
Can’t we accomplish this task in maybe 5-10 years instead of millions of years?


Natural gas, such as methane, can be produced in laboratory conditions. Biogas is another example. But possibly not higher-end hydrocarbons. This I am saying from my limited knowledge. Others may add.

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Seems complicated to engineer forces to match a planet’s (while living on said planet also…)

Not even sure said planet was compatible with human life when such forces were in play.

These are just musings, but it seems to me that such an effort would probably cost more to manufacture than the fuel generated (apart from biogas, etc). There are cheaper ways of getting energy.

I’d like to see advances in the use of ambient heat to produce work. God knows there’s too much heat in places like Mumbai. Converting some to work would probably be “greener”.


The energy density of ambient heat is too low on newtonian scales.
However on a quantum scale the energy density is humungous. Thus nano materials seem to be capable of performing utterly impossibile tasks.

The recent TIFR scientists creation of gold nano particles that uses solar energy to break down CO2 to CO is a pointer, CO being a precursor to complex hydrocarbons. There are several such projects ongoing around the world that use nano materials to effeciently break down complex molecules and recombine then into molecules useful to humans.