Regeneration Study in Earthworm

Regeneration Study in Earthworm

Earthworms are available all around us. They are known for the ability to regenerate, what is regeneration? (please post your ideas in the reply section below).
In order to study the phenomenon of regeneration in the earthworm, we need to trap earthworms from our locality and maintain them in the lab.


What could be a way to culture earthworms? Please suggest them in the reply section.

Since Earthworms depend on cellulose in plant material fallen on the ground, can we simulate the same thing in lab?


Cup culture with earthworm


Earthworm cup cultures in a tray with tissue paper


Paper turned into ‘soil’ by the worms (after a few months)

Please collect earthworms from your immediate surroundings,
Where can earthworms be found? How to collect them?
Please share some innovative ways in reply section below, which you can think to collect earthworms.

Perform Rapid Escape Response assay:

Find out the locomotory response of Earthworm towards salt (2 mM concentration).
How to prepare a molar solution? Write in the reply section below.

What will be the response of earthworm from salt solution?
When earthworm is injured at its nerve cord, what will be its response towards salt solution?

Do you think earthworm regenerates? how to study that? any suggestions! please write below in reply section.