Response to claims of ayurvedic medicine as a cure for COVID-19

Response to claims of ayurvedic medicine as a cure for COVID-19

Today it is in news that Patanjali has launched ayurvedic medicine that is claimed to recover COVID-19 patients within 3-7 days. They claimed they conducted study through clinical trials.

Based on these claims, I have thought of a response:

  • Neither ICMR nor AYUSH ministry has vouched for the Patanjali’s medicines.

  • Without any government approval, no company can propose any drugs

  • It is impossible that any medicine can neutralize the viral load in 5-7 days

  • Its also not clear from Patanjali announcement whether the patients were also already under the regular drug treatment whether remdisivir or hydroxychloroquine … so their results cannot be confounded …as to which drugs led to recovery , whether allopathic or ayurvedic… therefore even though Patanjali says it’s clinical controlled trial but it is not

  • As it’s a practice in science, their drug needs to be tested for a reliability study which is not done

  • As per medical ethics, they have been asked to disclose their data of hospitals patients clinical history etc.

  • Moreover it’s not clear which government body has given them clearance to conduct such studies

  • Patanjali needs to address these issues before making the big claims


Ayush has already asked them to cease and desist.