Role of clitellum in earthworm regeneration

Role of clitellum in earthworm regeneration

Plan for today
Long term objective: to study role of clitellum in earthworm regeneration
Short term objective: to prove clitellum plays a major role in regeneration
Immediate objective: to ampute earthworms
Design of amputation-
No. Of earthworms- 12
4 for head amputation
4 for tail amputation
4 for middle amputation
I will take a petridish with ice in it and place a layer of tissue on the petridish and place the earthworm above this petridish and ampute the earthworm under the dissection microscope using a thin blade and each part will be kept in individual cup cultures.
So there will be 24 cups with either parts of the amputed earthworms.


Do you mean to say a layer of tissue paper?
I am still not clear as to where we place the earthworm. Above the tissue paper placed over ice in the petriplate?


What do you mean by role of clitellium in regeneration?
What is your hypothesis? How would clitellium play a role in regeneration?

Are there any reference for this? Why dont you send references, if any?

How many segments you are going to amputate? From which side?
What is the expectation in each one of the amputee?

When and how often are you going to observe them? What are you going to observe?
Why not include these details in the plan of work?

Is the cut gonna be pre clitellar or post clittellar or on the clitellar region?

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Earthworm group
Elphinstone college
Today we amputed the earthworms in the following manner
Head amputation- 6th segment
Middle amputation-64th segment
Tail amputation- 10 segments before anus
Procedure of amputation

  1. We take a
    dissecting microscope,
    Petridish with ice,
    Tissue paper,
  2. We keep a layer of tissue paper on the closed petridish with ice
  3. We keep the earthworm on this setup
  4. With ethanol washed blade we make the cut
  5. And after amuting the individual parts are kept in individual cups
    Long term objective:
    to find the role of clitellum and introduce hdac inhibitors to check the regeneration rate
    Short term objective:to prove clitellum play a important role in regeneration of earthworms
    Immediate objective:
    To perform amputations
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Why not send the pictures of your amputated earthworms, as a starting point of no regeneration?
Is this a part of your experiment to take pictures from beggining and after every intervals?

Why are you interested to study role of clitellium in regeneration?
Why do you think clitellium has any role?

What references do you have?

Eagerly waiting for knowing the rationale behind your study… @Vaibhavib99

@Vaibhavib99 good work…but you should say as if the people are completely unaware of whatever you are doing, you should be giving all the details. How many earthworms did you ampute ? Was it an adult or young ? How many segments were present in total ? If many earthworms were used were they all of the same age , did they have same number of segments, etc. What’s your hypothesis, when they will regenerate and which part will be regenerating ? etc.

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@Vaibhavib99 @baviskarritik eagerly looking forward to…

@baviskarritik @Vaibhavib99 why no report on amputated earthworms?
what is current condition of amputated earthworms in your place?
what is your expectations?
what is future plan?
eagerly looking forward to

Looking for updates! @Vaibhavib99