Rotifer a model system

Rotifer a model system

6th September
Today is plan to observe the single line culture and as well as mixed culture whether they alive if not to make necessary changes…
I had made two sets of samples one was feeded another was not so to check whether any changes in number of rotifers…
Objective (short term):-serial dilution
Long term:horizontal gene transfer…
My expectation is which of the test tube not feed milk(L1) 15 rotifer…
And which of the test tube feed milk have 30 rotifers…


Rotifer causerie

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Rotifer group
Mixed culture of rotifer
Magnification 400x and zoom 1.3x


How will you go about identifying identifying this rotifer? Firstly ,can you label the different parts of this rotifer and send it again ,it will be very easy to understand which part is called what through labelling. @khushdeep

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