S1E1 Chatshaala: Covidgyan

S1E1 Chatshaala: Covidgyan

Hello Everyone!!

I would like to invite all of you to join webinar Every Wednesday evening from 8:15 pm to 9:15 pm on google meet Audio/Video Conferencing app to clear the concepts regarding Covid-19.

Please do come, join and help us to know all the facts or misconceptions related to Covid-19.

Meeting URL:

Timing: 8:15 pm to 09:15 pm

  • Cube M Ward Webinar Discussion summary that was held on 10.06.2020*

Corona Misconceptions and Questions
After our Regular CUBE webinar discussion, @⁨Arunan HBSCE⁩ sir invited us to join another Webinar held with M Ward (Mankhurd) school teachers and students.

School students, teachers and a few people from the area joined along with Arunan sir and CUBists

Alot of questions raised by school students and teachers were considered and we all collectively tried to answer and clear our doubts and misconcepts regarding the pandemic situation.

The first question that was asked was
How does soap work against corona?

To answer this question
@⁨Deepika⁩ from Cube Bengaluru says, the corona virus has a coat or cover of itself made up of lipid and protein.
So when someone uses a soap to wash hands potable_water: , the soap has certain chemicals that breaks open the coat of the virus and the virus gets killed and washed away.

@said also gives a concept of how when we have any oil in our hands and when soap is used to wash the hands, the oil gets washed away, just similarly the corona virus is broken down and gets washed away.

Tuba also asks does the breaking of virus means the virus can be more harmfull now as more particles are formed?

Then the next question came as for people living in slums
A student asks , there are people living in slums, who already have exposed to so many infections due to poor sanitation, poor nutrition , they also have cold and cough and some of them still are fine
So is it like corona virus will affect them more due to already exposure or will corona virus only cause infection to them?

What is the Role of mask and why is it so important in fighting corona virus and protecting ourselves?
How do corona infection spread in our body?

What is the route of spreading the infection?

Does it get an entry to our body through the skin?

These are the questions that were asked by the Students in this Webinar.

Then we all met again on 17.06.2020, CUBist had tried to clear the misconceptions regarding Covid-19
Below are some of the questions that were asked in Cube M-ward Webinar conducted on 17.06.2020

1.People are afraid of going to the hospital for other treatments that if they go there, they may get infected with Corona Virus. Is this a myth??

  1. What should we eat to boost immune system ?

3.Can infection be caused by single virus that enters the human body? or How many viruses are required to cause the infection ?

  1. What are the different ways/methods to detect the infection in humans that’s caused by Corona virus??

  2. why its vaccine has not been made yet? and how the vaccine is made and if the vaccine is made, on whom it will be tested?

16 people attended Cube M-ward webinar on 17.06.2020.

1.MC Arunan: Cube HBCSE
2.Meena Kharatmal : Cube HBCSE
3. Kiran Yadav: Cube HBCSE
4. Jaikishan Advani: Cube HBCSE
5. Yash Sheregare : Cube HBCSE
6. Drishtant Maruti Kawale: Cube HBCSE
7. Hinaiqbal Mudgal : Cube kanpur
8. Arunima Kunju: Cube Kerala
9. Tuba khan M ward member, she’s the one who’s coordinating this webinar
10. Siddesh Bangar
11. Ansari Quresha
12. Ansari Raziya
13. Bitto Khan
14. Chandrakala Gawade
15. Shaikh Gulaksha
Please add if i have miss anything.