S1E1 Chatshaala with electronics gadgets | Exploring mobile charger - I

Hi all!

We are going to chat during the weekdays from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm about gadgets in our everyday life. How they work, what components do they have etc. We are starting with “mobile charger” to initiate the discussion.

Any curious member is welcome to join! No background in electronics is required. Looking forward to the community members to join the “chatshaala”!

Here is the room link to join: chaatshala


Here is a brief summary of today’s discussion
Notes 04 June 2020

Components within a mobile charger we discussed:

  • electrolytic capacitor
  • ceramic capacitor
  • diode
  • transformer
  • octocoupler


  • rms voltage
  • peak voltage; voltage max
  • Vavg = Average Voltage

We also explored http://lushprojects.com/

Here are glimpses


Some take home points for me:

Now if I see an electronics board, I will be able to identify two kinds of capacitors (tanks, polorized, electrolytic) and the oval ones. Diodes and resistors, and the big transformer. Also transistors. Though some broad picture is in the mind about the role of each component, I am hoping more exposure in the next ChatShaala will make these things clearer.

Very broadly the mobile charger is doing a couple of things: step down transformer, because voltage drops from 230 to 5. It also stabilizes output voltage. And of course converting AC to DC.


Some images of capacitors.

Description of their construction and materials.


Here is nice presentation of resistors, capacitors and inductors made by A student Manish Kumar of Shaheed Bhagat Singh State Technical Campus.