S1E18 Chatshaala with electronics gadgets | CE mode Amplifier Exploration

  • Links to recordings: NA
  • Here is the room link to join: chaatshala
  • Timings: Mo-Fr 03:30PM to 05:00PM

Today we explored the following:

  • Common-Emitter Amplifier with Inductor and Capacitor
  • Characterstics of circuit before and after adding a transistor
  • AC source of 3V supply voltage can be used to generate AC output of up to 30 to 35V range
  • Resonant frequency of the circuit
  • Representation of a transistor (Arrow pointing to the Emitter, showing direction of conventional current flow)
  • CE BJT with Inductor and Capacitor, where Inductor was replaced by transformer.

Here are a few screengrabs of our yesterday’s trials from https://lushprojects.com/circuitjs/
We began from here, varying the Inductance and Capacitance values and viewing scope for the output, resonant frequency.
We added a BJT in the circuit to see how the switch ON-OFF operation modifies the DC voltage source to an AC output at the Collector-Emittor of transistor (Vce).
It can be even further extended by replacing the mechanical switch by an AC source (positive cycle will act as ON, negative as OFF) driving the base of the NPN transistor. If the transistor were to be PNP, it is intuitive that opposite action will happen during switching.

We are going to explore more on the last thread in session on 1st July. see you there!