S1E5 Chatshaala with electronics gadgets | Exploring mobile charger - Full wave Center Tapped and Bridge Rectifier

Today we discussed and explored the working of rectifier.


  • Center Tapped Rectifier

  • Center tap transformer as important component for center tap rectifier.

  • Working of two diodes for each of the positive and negative cycle of AC Sine wave.

  • Designing and working of regulated power supply. Converting Domestic Power supply to 5V.

  • Capacitor Role: Smoothing, Reservoir and Decoupling in power supply.

  • Designing and Working of Bridge Rectifier.

  • How one pair of diode out of two is conducting for each positive and negative cycle?

  • Frequency get double after full wave rectification (ie from 50 Hz to 100 Hz).

We used the Falstad Circuit Simular to simulate the above circuits to understand the working of center tapped rectifier and bridge rectifier.




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Happy Exploring!

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