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Learning STEM through Investigation
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The test seedlings in kanamycin medium got disintegrated in Algae culture. Whereas Algae culture did not affect the control seedlings in tap water medium. Is it because of algae? Or is it because of Kanamycin that the seedlings got disinterested?

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Does our reasoning really satisfy the hypothesis? If mitochondria are affected will there be no effect on Seed germination? does seed germination does not require energy? We get energy from starch is broken down into glucose. Further breakdown of glucose is taken place to get ATP a form of energy. There are three steps of breaking down glucose glycolysis cycle which happens in the cytoplasm Kreb cycle and electron transport chain which takes place in mitochondria. If Mitochondria gets affected 2 of 32 ATP molecules will be produced through glycolysis The energy is comparatively less but it is not that there is no energy at all.

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Till we find Cardamine can we study Rate of germination in moong seeds? Developing questions on rate of germination in moong seeds. Can saltwater affect the rate of germination? What is the reason behind this? Design of an experiment to study the rate of germination of green gram or moong Seeds in tapwater and in saltwater medium!!

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Colour of the bottle in which Moina is cultured can affect the heartbeat of Moina? Depending on the colour of the bottle the heartbeat may increase or decrease​:flushed::flushed:

@drishtantmkawale @saswathy679 @arunimakunju99 @Laxmi @yash_sheregare @Sucheta and others please add on to the summary and ask some leading questions for further discussion

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