S2E35 Cube chatShaala: Exploring new ways of Learning

Learning STEM through Investigation
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Connecting Galapagos islands to biodiversity at the doorstep Introducing pagalapos now this term was coined by Cube. On the manhole lid, there are two depressions. So the sewage system in the city’s are developed underground and there are holes made so that if there is any leakage or something means to go inside this depression to clean the clogged. And The municipality does cover it up so that nobody falls down with a lid that lid has depressions on them to pick it up if needed so these depressions overtime get collected with soil and water and if you take a sample of this soil and can see under a microscope or magnify it enough there would be a lot of bacteria Sometimes we can find algae, rotifer, nematodes.

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In Galapagos islands Darvin saw finches having different beak sizes depending on The environment as in we can say The long big finches were in an island where there were no trees so they were surviving on the fishes from the ocean an island be the environment was there was a lot of trees so small birds finches what’s your wife there because they could eat up the hardshell nuts or fruits and even a good find long beak finches here because the land is covered by the ocean so they can survive on finches on Island B as well

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So say if I can find Same species Rotifer from both the depression of a single manhole lid can there be any difference in both these rotifers as there could be two different environments in both the depression of the same manhole lid Say one depression is falling under the shade of trees and the other depression is in contact with direct sunlight there are two different environments on the same manhole lid. Because there is an ecosystem at our doorstep you don’t need to go to Galapagos Islands to study the evolution we can study that

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My plan to start a Rotifer culture Taking 1 tsp of moist soil from The sunflower plant in my balcony Add that in 500 ML Bisleri bottles that I have available at home fill half of the bottle with the dechlorinated water add one drop of milk daily to feed the rotifer. Search for Rotifer after 2 days in that bottle using a mobile camera. Even if there are less number of rotifer It will multiply. And it will be easy to find the Size of a rotifer is 0.5mm it is not visible to naked eyes but we will not be able to identify it so that’s why I am waiting for it to multiply so that is a Huge number of rotifer growing in That bottle.

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Soil nematodes can also be found in pagalapos also we can find them in my moist soil from trees Omkar‘s plan of work takes 3 to 4 tablespoons of soil from the hibiscuses :hibiscus: us plant outside his house Take a raw potato cut four slices of it add one drop of milk in the centre of each slice add my soil on the periphery of two potatoes slices milk is the nourishment for bacteria to grow nematodes will crawl to the centre to feed on Bacteria this is how we can locate nematodes. Nematodes Are hermaphrodite. So if we isolate a single nematode you can get a single line culture You don’t need to look for Male and female a gravid female

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@arunimakunju99 @saswathy679 @SK_Sriwas @Bunny @Anshu_kadam_2813 @Kunal_Kadam @khushdeep @Lokesh @Mandar let’s add on to the summary and revive back all the model organism

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CUBE Chatshaala on 27th October 2020


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