S3E1 Cube Chatshaala: Exploring new ways of Learning

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Timing:5.30 pm to 9.30 pm
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Looking forward to your participation.

Whiteboard screenshot from yesterday’s ( 09th November 2020 ) CUBE CHATSHAALA session what a great beginning of Season 3 Episode 1)

Cubist from Cube Elphinstone but now in CUBE HOME LAB DAHANU ROAD MUMBAI harvested three Earthworm from his garden and now he’s maintaining those three Earthworm in tissue paper cup Culture method.
What’s the design and principle of Cup Culture Method??.

Tissue paper is the source of cellulose but are we giving all the essential nutrients to Earthworm by keep them in Moist tissue paper condition???..
Which water( Tap water and Dechlorinated water) is to be suitable to moist tissue paper?..
Whiteboard screenshot A part of CUBE CHATSHAALA…

Growth Vs. regeneration
What’s the difference??..
On what basis are we saying that amputed part of an Eathworm is actually regenerating??..

What’s clitellum?..
Earthworm faeces Vs. Earthworm cocoon??..

One of the great finding from yesterday’s discussion…
To study the role of clitellum in regeneration Cubists made three designs to gave a cut…

  1. Cut was made on the 10S segment of posterior part…
  2. Cut was made on 55th segment form posterior part.
  3. Cut was made on 10th segment from posterior part of Earthworm

But the great finding was posterior which was cut in such a way that none of the segment clitellum was left.

It has been observed that that posterior part was survived for 26 days.

But how what’s the biology of it?. How can a part survived for 26days without mouth without feeling.

Or how did that part survived itself from infection?..
How do we do WBC’S staining?..
Can we check is there any cell which is actually preventing this part from infection?..
Similarly can we look for immune cells in Fruit fly & Moina?..
Can we check which bacterium are there in the gut of Moina?..
Can we culture those bacteria streaking them on Nutrient Agar medium plate?..

What’s the principle of Streaking?.. why do we make zigzag pattern?..

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CUBE Chatshaala on 9th November 2020
35 CUBists from 33 centres joined the webinar.

Nellore: Tejasree Beemakonda

Silchar: Krishnendu Roy
Sonari: Susanta Tanti

Sitamarhi: Anamika Singh
Patna: Kriti, Kshipra

KMC: Muniba Shan
DDUC: Shallu

Morabadi, Ranchi: Rechel Tirkey

Bangalore: Deepika Iyyangar

Muvattapuzha: Abhijith Vinod
Malappuram: Ajith KM
Kozhikode: Arunima
Palakkad: Dr. Nisy Prasad
Mullassery: Krishna
Kandassankadavu: Lakshmy PJ
Thanniam: Sidhy PP

South Bombay: Arunan MC
Ghatkopar: Aashutosh Mule, Anjanikumar
Thane: Anshu Kadam
Nerul: Drishtant Kawale
Asangaon: Lokesh Tiwari
Powai, Mumbai: Lydia Mathew
Andheri, Mumbai: Mandar Chavan
Mulund, Mumbai: Omkar Badnale
Titwala: Ritik Baviskar
Dahanu Road, Palghar: Sachin Pradhan
Bandra: Saida Sayyed
Prabhadevi, Mumbai: Yash Sheregare

Chennai: Anjali Chauhan

Dadri: Bivas Nag
Moradabad: Kiran Yadav

Kolkata: Batul P

Suman Santosh Chenna