S3E17 Cube chatShaala: Exploring new ways of Learning

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Timing:5.30 pm to 9.30 pm
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CUBE Chatshaala on 25th November 2020
34 CUBists from 31 Centres joined the webinar.

Nellore: Vakulananda

Narsing High School, Silchar: Hasina Begam
Jorhat: Ishita Sonowal
Sonari: Susanta Tanti

Sitamarhi: Anamika Singh

Jivisha Kolwalkar
Sakshi Prabhudesai
Sucheta Naik

Ranchi: Manjuel Jojo
Morabadi, Ranchi: Shalini Lal

Bangalore: Shama Sayyed

Kozhikode: Arunima
Muvattupuzha: Fathima Ashraf
Palakkad: Dr Nisy Prasad
Palluruthy, Kochi: Rexeena Sebastian
Thanniam, Thrissur: Sidhy PP

South Bombay: Arunan MC
Ghatkopar, Mumbai: Anjanikumar Kashyap, Nishmita Amin
Thane: Anshu Kadam
Goregaon, Mumbai: Deepak Sharma
Nerul: DK
Adarsha Vidyalaya, Chembur: Gautam Mourya
Pune: Hemant Jeevan Magadum
Mulund, Mumbai: Omkar Badnale
Dahanu Road, Palghar: Sachin Pradhan
Bandra, Mumbai: Saida Sayyed
Murbad, Kalyan: Shubham Isame

Kanpur: Bareera Javed, Hina Mudgal
Moradabad: Kiran Yadav

Garden High School, Kalyani: Aranyak Sarma, Eemon Mukherjee
Kolkata: Batul Pipewala

Whiteboard picture of today’s ( 25th November 2020 ) CUBE CHATSHAALA

Congratulations to @⁨SHUBHAM ISAME⁩ for inaugurating CUBE HOME LAB in SHIVALE, KALYAN

@⁨SHUBHAM ISAME⁩ had harvested four Earthworms from his native place (moist and shady place) and has been maintaining those Earthworm in tissue paper cup cultures.

But questions that were being asked…

  1. How do we locate Earthworm??..
  2. How do we harvest Earthworms?..
  3. How easy it’s to get an Earthworm?..
  4. How do maintain them?.
  5. How do we differentiate Faeces and tissue paper pieces?..
  6. What are the different species of Earthworm?..
    Both male and femal sex is present in one organism but how do they reproduce?..
    Do they reproduce sexually or asexually?..

Does one organism is able to produce next generation?..

Do they reproduce self or having cross fertilization?..

There’s was a term which was introduced that’s clitellar Earthworm (Earthworm having clitellum).

But what’s clitellum?..
What’s the role of clitellum?.
How do we identify clitellar Earthworm?..
What are the research questions that we can address in model system like Earthworm ?..

Regeneration capacity of an Eathworm?..
Which part of Earthworm body is able to regenerate?.
If we make a cut on 55th segment that’s in between the body than the part will regenerate which is having clitellum (marked with A(anterior) in the above drawing). And the piece which is lacking clitellum region won’t regenerate or will also survive for some days like 25 or 40 days :astonished::astonished:

But how does an amputed will survive for so many days…
Is it not heavy chance of getting an infection?..
What are the cells which are responsible for making this piece survived without any infection?..
Major Histocompatibility complex (MHC) ?..
What’s MHC?. Is there any role playing by MHC in preventing this piece from infection?..
IMG_20201125_214723 An attempt to innovate a simple method of maintaining model system like ZEBRA-FISH

@⁨Ishita Assam⁩ @⁨Drishtant Cube Moina⁩ @⁨Sachin Pradhan⁩ …@⁨SHUBHAM ISAME⁩ @⁨Tejasri☯️⁩ @⁨Aakanksha Ratnam College⁩
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