S3E30 Cube chatShaala: Exploring new ways of Learning

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Timing:5.30 pm to 9.30 pm
Webinar will be recorded and recording link will be post in the same thread after the webinar.

Looking forward to your participation.

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CUBE ChatShaala on 8th December 2020
34 CUBists from 25 Centres had joined the webinar.

Jorhat: Ishita Sonowal

Sitamarhi: Anamika Singh

AND College: Arnav Bhatt, Arunima Dey, Harshika Dewangan
Dyal Singh College: Dr P. Chitralekha

Ernakulam: Aarcha P Soman, Ashikha Farzana, Bhavya, Deepthy Maria, Devika Devanath, Manjula Bhat, Neha Nazrin, Sifuva KN
Chavakkad, Thrissur: Aiswarya NG
Kozhikode: Arunima
Thriprayar, Thrissur: Aswathy Suresh
Thanniam, Thrissur: Sidhy PP
Alappuzha: Sreebitha PV

Indore: Farhan Ashraf

South Bombay: Arunan MC
Ghatkopar, Mumbai: Anjanikumar Kashyap
Adarsha Vidyalaya, Chembur: Dhanashree Chandankar
Nerul: Drishtant MK
HBCSE, Mumbai: DP
Powai: Lydia Mathew
Thane: Prashant Palane
Dahanu, Palghar: Sachin Pradhan

Chennai: Anjali Chauhan, Anu Kiruthika

Kanpur: Bareera Javed
Moradabad: Kiran Yadav

Kolkata: Batul Pipewala

Sampa Biswas

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Whiteboard screenshot( 08th Dec 2020 ) CUBE CHATSHAALA discussion…

Mango mapping one of the model system of CUBE LAB/CUBE HOME LABs/CUBE LOCALITY LABs…

But why are we doing this?.. why are we collecting data on Mango-Mapping??. How would be going about collecting data??.

In today’s discussion we had Discussion on Mango-Mapping data, can we conclude something from the data that we had collected so far?..

@arunime Dey from Assam has collected data on Mango trees. She had observed Zero% flowering in the first week of December 2020.
Three Mango trees were surveyed by her, it’s a good start though but can we also look for more data in order to avoid Biased sampling…

On the other hand @⁨Aswathy Cube Butterfly⁩ Aswathy have observed

:deciduous_tree:2% Flowering in Oct 2020
Total 103 Mango Trees were surveyed

:deciduous_tree:30% flowering in November 2020
Total 73 Mango trees were surveyed

:deciduous_tree:70% flowering in the first week of Dec 2020
Total 17 Mango trees were surveyed.

Does Aswathy has already catch the timing of flowering in Thrissur Kerala
Can we say that 2% flowering in the month of Oct 2020 indicates that flowering has started in October 2020.

Can we also do the same with other places also.

The data of Mango-Mapping which was collated on 14th Feb 2017

Is there any pattern that we can observe here?.. can we also make predictions that in which month are we expecting flowering or in Last week of Dec 2020, jan2021& feb 2021 what will be the status…

Some prediction were already made in today’s cube chatshaala discussion which are written in red color on the map.
We also got an update on @⁨Aswathy Cube Butterfly⁩ cube home lab model system that’s single line cultures of Native trapped fruit flies which are very important and crucial also as @⁨Aswathy Cube Butterfly⁩ has already identified some of the single line cultures at the family leve and she is on the way to identify them at Genus level as well.

Due to some reason @⁨Aswathy Cube Butterfly⁩ had to leave single line cultures all alone for sometime but when Aswathy came back she had managed to save fruit flies single line cultures.
It was very nice to herd the story with the little drama .

@⁨Aswathy Cube Butterfly⁩ please give summary of the discussion.

Can you make any inference or any striking point…