S3E64 Cube chatShaala: Exploring new ways of Learning

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293rd day of CUBE ChatShaala: 11th January 2021
26 CUBists from 22 Centres had joined the webinar

AND College: Aastha Ahuja

Sucheta Naik

Kokar, Ranchi: Man Masih Beck
Morabadi, Ranchi: Rechel Tirkey

Kozhikode: Arunima, Theertha
Thriprayar, Thrissur: Aswathy Suresh
Kandassankadavu: Lakshmy PJ
Palakkad: Kavya Shankar, Shrudhiga, Sukanya
Thanniam, Thrissur: Sidhy PP

Gwalior: Dr Komal Singh

South Bombay: Arunan MC
Thane: Anshu Kadam, Hitesh Pareek
Nerul: Drishtant M Kawale
Powai: Lydia Mathew
Mulund, Mumbai: Omkar Badnale
Dahanu, Palghar: Sachin Pradhan
Kalyan: Shivam Kumar Sriwas
Panvel, Navi Mumbai: Shraddha Sonavane
Prabhadevi, Mumbai: Yash Sheregare

Moradabad: Kiran Yadav

Kolkata: Batul Pipewala
Garden High School, Kalyani: Koulab Mukherjee

11th January 2021
Summary of discussion of Today’s CUBE CHATSHAALA…

Discussion had started on How to differentiate Male and Femal Fruit fly… what are the different features of Male and Femal Fruit fly?..

@aastha’s fruit fly Picture was screened as Aastha has trapped a fruit fly by keeping a trap…
Reference shared during the discussion in order to differentiate Male and female fruit fly…

We got to know the whole story of a Trap where Aastha from Faridabad has attempted to trap fruit fly in order to make single line Cultures of fruit fly, identify the fruit fly Genus and species and to study the effect of temperature on Life span and Life cycle of Fruit fly…

On 7th January 2021 the trap was kept
On 11th January 2021 one fly got trapped and in between 7 to 11th Jan. Flies were visiting the bait…

Aswathy told us when the next generation will arise in this bottle based on her experience…
Discussion went on to the Phyllanthus plant as Theeres from Kozhikode Kerala has started identifying different species of Phyllanthus as she has three different Phyllanthus plant…

Phyllanthus amaraus
The diagnostic features are

  1. Tepals are 5
  2. Leaf apex is round
  3. Stem is Round and smooth
  4. Basal leaf Lamina is symmetrical

Phyllanthus debilis

  1. Tepals are 6
  2. Leaf apex
  3. Stem
    We did’nt talk much on this.

Phyllanthus urinaria

  1. Tepals are 6
  2. Leaf apex is pointed
  3. Stem is Angular
  4. Basal leaf lamina is asymmetrical

Please post photo’s of your Phyllanthus plants showing above mentioned features this will lead us to indentify species of Phyllanthus accross the India…

What do we mean by Latitude and Longitude?..

How do we define and understand these two terms?.

Sleep wake cycle in Phyllanthus…
Majorly internal factors are involved in Regulating the Rhythm…

We also had a discussion on sleep wake pattern in Dogs.