S4E105 CUBE chatShaala: "Imaginal discs in drosophila larvae"

In the last session we had the discussion on imaginal discs of insects, drosophila as a model systems to understand development of imaginal discs and effect of alzeimer’s on the imaginal disc development.
Below listed are some the questions being asked in the discussion

  • What is an imaginal disc?
  • Does Imago have anything to do with imaginal disk? What is an imago? which stage of the life cycle can be called an imago?
  • MAGINARY!!! Why the word IMAGINAL?
  • Is there an Imaginal disk for Brain?
  • Where is this disc located?
  • Imaginal Discs as an early markers of Alzheimer`s progression:
    To check whether Alzheimer’s develops at the larval stage or only at adult stage due to age? by comparing
    imaginal discs of normal larvae with an alzheimer’s fly larvae, this would give us an idea if deformity in imaginal discs is an early signs of possible Alzheimer’s detection? and can it act as an indicator for testing drug efficacy ? Are there literature studies available backing it
  • Is it visible to naked eyes?
  • What is the difference in embryogenesis and metamorphosis?
  • Difference in the cell body and neuropil? also grey matter and white matter?
  • Which stain can be used to stain neuronal cell bodies?


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We will also discuss about one of the CUBE citizen science project “Seasonomics
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