S4E119 CUBE chatShaala: "The great Indian kitchen lab"

In the last session we had the discussion on difference between live yeast, yeast extract and yeast granules. And this idea came when somebody asked “why vinegar is added in our home made TRSV culture medium?”

We also discussed the science/chemistry of baking soda and toddy. This came up with how do we make appam dish where we add yeast to ferment it.

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Summary quoted by @magpie
In yesterday’s Chatshaala we discussed use of baking soda and yeast in cooking,how are the two different?
Both baking powder and yeast help give baked goods that rise — but the process by which they do so is different.

When added to a recipe, baking powder releases carbon dioxide gas through the dough, causing the food to puff up, according to the Science of Cooking.

On the other hand, yeast feeds on the sugars in the flour, release carbon dioxide in the process, which then causes the food to rise. Both processes release carbon dioxide to lighten the dough but yeast is much slower and leaves a distinct flavor and smell.

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