S4E129 CUBE chatShaala: "Identification is an important aspect of usage of phyllanthus in medicines"

Identification is the key to use phyllanthus plant in medicine
Identification is an important aspects of usage of phyllanthus in medicine, so in the last session we had the discussion how to identify different species of phyllanthus and also how to identify P. niruri

Identifying features of P. niruri as per Flora of North America ( Phyllanthus niruri in Flora of North America @ efloras.org)

Cataphyll- scale
Leaf apex has Slightly projection in amarus & Leaf apex is completely round/obtuse in niruri

Leaf surface-no hair/glabrous

Male flowers are towards the base, females are at the top
Tepals- Majorly 5 or sometimes 6, same as in amarus

Pistillate flowers: 5, (in case of amarus majorly 5 or sometimes 6), (in case of fraternus majorly 6 or sometimes 5).
Fruit: smooth same as in amarus

Some of key differences in P. amarus and P. niruri

Leaf apex
Arrangement of male & female flowers

leaf apex is slightly pointed in P. amarus but completely round in P. niruri
Male flowers are at the base then male and females from the same node but different stalks and then female flowers are the top, whereas in P. niruri male flowers are the top and females are at the top.
Lobed glands in amarus but unlobed in niruri

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