S4E151 CUBE chatShaala: Understanding regeneration


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Summary of 519th day of Cube Chatshaala*
We started the discussion with what I(Abhijeet) have plan for the Chai and Why? Programme.
So I’ve worked on Model Organisms like Mosquito, Earthworm, and Snails when I was active in cube in my secondary school (7th to 9th std)
So today we discussed about Earthworm.

How can we culture and maintain Earthworms in our Homelab?
So culturing earthworms at home would be very easy! We don’t need high-tech laboratory stuff. We just need a plastic cup, paper, earthworm and waste cloth

  1. Take cup and pinch holes at bottom with the help of a pin.
  2. Make pieces of paper, and fill 1/3rd of the cup.
  3. Make that paper inside cup moist with water
  4. Put earthworm inside cup.
  5. Cover the cup with cloth and rubber band.
  6. keep the cup(s) inside a tray with newspaper wetted with enough water .
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Summary quoted by @saswathy679

What is RER test? Is it possible to make alternatives to perform RER at home?

How can we culture Earthworms easily using simple things at home?

RER Test Experiment : Making a design of experiment how to perform in a simple way that every ones can do it in their home labs!

:black_small_square:Which kind of nutrition will get earthworms culturing by newspaper?

:black_small_square:What are the components presents in Newspaper?

:black_small_square:Cellulose are carbohydrates!

:black_small_square:What is the difference between starch & cellulose?

:black_small_square:Beta Glucose & Alpha Glucose Differences?


520th day of CUBE ChatShaala: 21th August 2021
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Aswathy Suresh: Thriprayar
Lakshmy PJ: Kandassankadavu
Seethalakshmi CR: Pazhuvil, Thrissur

Abhijeet Singh: Ulwe, Navi Mumbai
Arunan MC: Breach Candy, South Mumbai
Saida Sayyed: Bandra, Mumbai

Uttar Pradesh
Kiran Yadav: Moradabad

West Bengal
Batul Pipewala: Kolkata

Dr Sumita Kacchwaha: Jaipur University

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