S4E163 CUBE chatShaala: Possible breeding sites of mosquitoes




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532nd day of CUBE ChatShaala: 2nd September 2021
21 CUBists from 21 Centres had joined the webinar.


Dr P. Chitralekha: DSC

Aashi: Panipat
Rahul Kushwaha: Faridabad

Aswathy Suresh: Thriprayar
Lakshmy PJ: Kandassankadavu
Sidhy PP: Thanniam, Thrissur

Abhijeet Singh: Ulwe, Navi Mumbai
Arunan MC: Breach Candy, South Mumbai
Saida Sayyed: Bandra, Mumbai
Kiran Yadav: HBCSE, Mumbai
Janhvi Deshmukh: Wardha
Shraddha Sonavane: Panvel
Sunita Chahar: NES Ratnam College, Mumbai
Gaurangi Dhuri: Tilaknagar, Mumbai
Khan Shaheen: NES Ratnam College, Mumbai

Riddhi: MHSS

Heshica Battina Chowdary: Kanpur

Rechel Tirkey: Ranchi

Binita Ghosh: Hyderabad

West Bengal
Batul Pipewala: Kolkata
Soumyadip Biswas: Kolkata

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Today’s summary…
We discussed the mosquito modal organism today…

  1. Finding the objective- we collectively worked on recollecting the objective of the mosquito project…
    The objective is finding mosquitoes in different regions and different season with spl focus on aedes mosquitoes…

  2. Then we discussed the method to catch mosquitoes- we catch mosquitoes with the clap trap method … It means just clap and catch the mosquito but making a hollow of hand so that the mosquitoes are killed but their body is not damaged … we don’t want the bodies of mosquitoes to be damaged bz… it is helpful to identify the aedes mosquitoes from other mosquitoes from seeing the body part…

  3. Identifying aedes mosquitoes from other mosquitoes- If white stripes are present on the body parts of the mosquito (legs and abdomen) then it’s an aedes mosquito…

  4. Connecting our studies with pagalapos- Pagalapos story was discussed … as how the holes present in the lids of gutters was named as pagalapos by CUBE students as its quiet similar to Galapagos island but just opposite it to it … Galapagos island is an island sorrounding by water … whereas pagalapos is an hole containig water sometimes sorrounded with solid lid… Pagalapos is an great example of a huge biodiversity in a very short hole…
    There are high possibilities of finding mosquito larvae in pagalapos …

  5. connecting our work with season cycle- we then discussed the season cycle consisting of 2 equinox and 2 solstices… and thus we can find which period between the solstices or equinox are there most no. Of mosquitoes… I and Abhijeet predicted that there should be most no.of mosquitoes in between summer solstice to the upcoming sept equinox…

  6. Ubaid’s and Gaurangi’s hypotheses -
    Ubaid’s and Gaurangi’s hypothesis was similar about the aedes mosquitoes … which would be found in large ratio in the months from June to August. But we had dissimilarities in the total no. Of mosquitoes hypothesis… My hypothesis said that the total no.of mosquitoes would be quiet more in Jan- March… whereas Ubaid hypotheses said that the most amount of total mosquitoes can be found on July to September …

  7. going through Ubaid’s and my 2015-16 data - According to the data Highest peak of total no.of mosquitoes was in March for my data… and April in Ubaid’s data… whereas aedes mosquitoes peak was found in July in both the datas…

  8. Hina ma’am s inputs- Hina ma’am said that we can differentiate aedes aegypti with certain appearance character … She has her students working on it…

  9. looking for collaborators - then we found certain CUBISTS willing to collaborate with us…

  10. we discussed how should be an ideal photography for atleast basic thing which we are looking for are shown…

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