S4E169 CUBE chatShaala: Constructed a standard way to trap fruit flies

Drosophila collaborators have designed an experiment to verify a hypothesis made out of the observations of activity pattern of fruit flies, Seema , Ridhi, @saswathy679 and other colllaborators have studied the activity pattern of fruit flies and by observing the results of it they found no, of fruit flies on a fruit is maximum in the evening (4.30pm to 6pm) so a design of an experiment was collaboratively designed to verify the results.




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Here’s the appeal by @saswathy679 to rope in more people (New collaborators)

Hi Everyone,
We are planning do a small experiment , that across the country people can do it in their home lab. This experiment is related to fruit fly study. Every one can join with us.

1 Hour Experiment
4:30pm to 5:30pm

08.09.2021 _ (Today)

Question - if we keep a fruit (tomato/Banana) for trap fruit flies , which time we will definitely get flies (trapping/Culturing) with in one hour in our area!?

Experiment is taking only 1 hour , we need to prove/disprove our hypothesis based on the observation that got by Seema and Riddhi and all other people who are done Cricadian Rhythm (activity pattern) experiment in fruit flies …

Seema’s (Goa) experiment : maximum number of flies at 5:00pm. Riddhi’s (Goa) experiment : maximum of flies at 4:30pm. Other collaborators also got maximum number of flies at around this time.

Hypothesis - In evening around 4:30pm to 5:30 time get ~25 flies (maximum number of flies) in one day .
So we are trying to developing a standard method of trapping fruit flies , Who can easily get flies from different parts of country at certain time.

Design of the experiment

:black_small_square:3 empty plastic bottles (transparent)
:black_small_square:Tomato pieces (1 tomato - cut in to small pieces)

We need to take 3 empty plastic bottle or glass bottle, make sure transparent bottle. 1 egg size tomato cut into small pieces and put into this three empty bottle. Location kitchen (were more number of flies can able to seen) Keeping this bottles three different parts of kitchen area .

:black_small_square:Bottle 1 : Kitchen window side
:black_small_square:Bottle 2 : Kitchen garbage bin area
:black_small_square:Bottle 3 : Kitchen outside (Door side)

Experiment starting time 4:30 p.m. Keeping this for 1 hour After closing the bottle at 5:30pm. Then counting the number of fruit flies this three bottles.

Everyone please join (specially fruitflies collaborators) . This experiment we are planning to do it today…in order to prove/disprove this hypothesis.

Thank you

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