S4E174 CUBE ChatShaala: Orientation of Providence Women's College students to CUBE

Around 20 students of Providence Women’s College Kozhikode Kerala joined the CUBE chatShaala, where we introduced them to seasonomics, Cardamine and Phyllanthus to the students.




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Summary of discussion quoted by @arunimakunju99

Why cardamine as a model system

Easy to culture and maintain.
It is found throughout India so can be easily collected and grown.
Closely relative of Arabidopsis thaliana. belongs to the family Brassicaceae mustard family.
Bears small flowers with distinguishable characteristics.
Can produce a large number of seeds even in a single plant itself.
It will germinate within 7 days.
And they having a very short life cycle(40 to 45 days).
It is a powerful model system for studying transgenic effects by a simple method called the floral dip method.

Cardamine plant growing as weed in home garden pot, Ranchi
.Freshly harvested yellow seeds of Cardamine sp.were grown i) in Moist tissue paper at Room temperature.
ii) in Moist tissue paper at RT after giving cold treatment at 4 degree C for three days (cold stratification)

ii) 100% germination
after 5 days in cold treatment
i) No germination
after 5 days
Objective - To determine effect of kanamycin on germination and growth rate of cardamine seeds.

Hypothesis - Cardamine seeds will germinate but will not grow in kanamycin medium at different concentrations.

Setup date - 20 September 2020

Design of experiment

Control - tap water ( seeds submerged in Tapwater )
Replicate - 2
No of seeds - 20 ( 10 seeds in each replicate)

Test - tap water + kanamycin antibiotic at different concentrations.

Stock solution of kanamycin antibiotic was
prepared by adding 1000mg of kanamycin in
1000ml of water ( 1litre ) . This stock solutionwas diluted at different concentrations. The dilutions are as
•10mg/L – 10ml of stock
solution + 990 ml of water.
• 30mg/L – 30 ml of stock solution +
970 ml of water.
• 50mg/L– 50ml of stock
solution + 950ml of water.
• 70mg/L – 70 ml of stock solution

  • 930ml of water.
    • 90mg/L – 90ml of stock solution + 910ml of water
    These dilution was used in test medium.

Replicates used for each concentration - 2
No of seeds - 20 seeds

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542th Day of CUBE Chatshaala : 12th September 2021
55 CUBists from 47 Centres had joined the webinar.


Ishita Sonavane : Jorhad
Krishnandhu Roy : Silchar

Aastha Ahuja : ANDC
Dr P. Chitralekha : DSC, Delhi
Garima Kalakoti : Delhi

Dr Shalini Lal : Morabadi, Ranchi
Man Masih Beck : Kokar, Ranchi
Manisha Rani : Ranchi
Rechel Tirkey : Morabadi, Ranchi

Arunima : Kozhikode
Aswathy Suresh : Thriprayar
Lakshmy PJ : Kandassankadavu
Shyam TG : Palakkad
Sidhy PP : Thanniam, Thrissur
Providence Women’s College : Sinitha K, Veena , Sree Lakshmy P, Keerthana M.S, Ayisha,Fathima Thanhak, Archana, Anargha, Athulya K C, Salva, Minoo, Divakaran, Aslamiya, Madhav.
Seethalakshmi CR : Pazhuvil, Trissur
Shrudhiga : Palakkad
Vishnupriya CJ : Alapad, Thrissur

Abhijeet Singh : Ulwe, Navi Mumbai
Ansari Quresha : M-Ward, Mumbai
Arunan MC : Breach Candy, South Mumbai
Sachin Pradhan : Dahanu Road, Palghar
Drishtant M Kawale : Nerul
Darshana Vishnu : Maharashtra
DurgaPrasad : HBCSE, Mumbai
Gaurangi Dhuri : Tilaknagar, Mumbai
Janhvi Deshmukh : Wardha
Kiran Yadav : H B C S E
Saida Sayyed : Bandra, Mumbai
Shraddha Sonavane : Panvel
Simran : RJ College, Mumbai
Srushti bhosale : Badlapur

Batul Pipewala: Kolkata
Sukriti Maity : Kolkata

Archana Tirkey
Gavrav Racot
Sagar Phadtare

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