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Summary of discussion Quoted by @saswathy679

Mock Session - 27th September 2021

Model system based on questions/queries from in the public chatbox.


1.Maybe in the introduction they could ask the audience questions about their views on the intelligence of snails? some pet snails have been observed to even recognise their owners voices, despite snails not having ears…

Short-Term and Long-Term Learning and Memory in Snails
(Achatina fulica) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/285280810_Short-Term_and_Long-Term_Learning_and_Memory_in_Snails_Achatina_fulica

Aplysia has only about 20,000 neurons, making it a favorite subject for investigation by neuroscientists.

2.What is so special about Aplysia?

Their giant neurons, which are easy to work with and include the largest found in nature (Figure 2A). These neurons are the largest somatic cells in the animal kingdom (only eggs are larger) with beautiful natural orange, yellow, milk, reddish, or even in some species, greenish colorations.

Aplysia is now a paramount model species for studies of how neurons and neural circuits control behaviors. It is also the best studied mollusc, with ongoing efforts to complete sequencing of its genome.

3.Is coriander the natural food of the snail?
Ivan Pavilov Experiment.
Snails Collaborators
Mock Session - 27th September 2021

Model system based questions/queries from in the public chatbox.

1.Why to establish a model like earthworm? Why not use some other already established model organisms?

2.What do you mean by regeneration?
Why don’t we put any other item as food for earthworm, why we are using tissue paper for food for earthworm, what is the logic behind this?

3.What is the story behind development of cup culture? How it was developed and why it was developed?

4.Where to find ventral nerve cord in earthworm?

5.Why to go for RER? If you are only checking the normal movements

6.Skin gets irritated? Not clear

7.How you got to know what amount of Nacl is normal for earthworm? How you all standardized the amount?

8.Can’t we use any concentration of Salt that drives the earthworm out of the tube or cup?

9.One teaspoon full in one cup of water or two teaspoon salt in 2ml of water?

10.Can I know, what is the purpose of looking at this kind of response when comparing it with the distilled water and NaCl solution?

11.After few days and week, earthworms culture set up start smells badly. At our school students and parents get scared. Any precautions and solutions, please

12.We use newspapers as we are based in rural area, it’s hard to find tissue paper (tissue paper also cost money and we trying to minimise cost too)

13.We failed many times the culture of earthworms with newspapers ?

14.So what is the difference btw tissue paper and newspaper?? What type of food needed for culturing earthworm?

Capillary action (sometimes capillarity, capillary motion, capillary effect, or wicking) is the process of a liquid flowing in narrow spaces without the assistance of, or even in opposition to, external forces like gravity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capillary_action

15.Earthworm feed on cellulose ?

16.How amputation is done, would you please brief out?

17.After how many days you expect the movement to be normalized?

18.How many days it takes for the amputated head or tail to be restored?

19.Can we get data from them to gatehr more data and better analysis ?

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