S4E190 CUBE chatShaala: Mock session- Cardamine, Hydra and Zebrafish




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Summary of discussion quoted by @saswathy679
Mock Session of Cardamine model system.
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Why floral dip? What is floral dip?

2.Why agrobacterium? What is the objective?

3.What is the story of the cotton plant?

4.What is boll and boll worm

5.Which part of plant is infected with agrobacterium?

6.Is cry gene present naturally?

7.There is no need of Agrobacterium culture?



iStock (https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/cotton-plant-and-green-cotton-boll-gm1091734230-292896100)
Cotton plant and green cotton boll isolated on white background

Mock Session - Zebrafish.
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1.How do you maintain Zebrafish culture?

2.Why do zebrafish cannibalise their own eggs?

3.Maybe remove the further comparision slide between human embryo and zebrafish?

It is important to understand the phenomenon of cannibalism in order to properly prevent, diagnose and reduce it. The main aim of this study was to present and examine some of the well-examined methods of cannibalism mitigation. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11160-017-9465-2

Ex - Cubists work

Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11160-017-9465-2)
Intracohort cannibalism and methods for its…
Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries - Cannibalism is a common phenomenon that occurs in over 30 fish families. Most of the species are valuable objects of aquaculture and cannibalism is highly…