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Summary of Discussion by @saswathy679
403rd Day of CUBE Chatshaala : 26th April 2021

Discussed model system : Fruit Flies, Phyllanthus, Cardamine.

Discussion started with summary of Saturday & Sunday.
Yesterday mainly discussed about activity pattern of fruit flies. want to study which time fruit flies are active & not active. There is a hypothesis that fruit flies more active in Day :sunny: & less active in Night :waxing_crescent_moon:.

One of casual observation :

• 11:30am - Flies are more active inside culture bottles. Observed activities are (walking + courtship + flying + feeding + playing around cotton plugs)

• 11:30pm - Most of the flies 90% were not active (resting conditions).

In here Am & Pm mention about Day & Night

We want to prove this hypothesis is right or not by using simple experiment.So we can design an experiment that every one can do at their home lab.


In this experiment we only need 2 bottles & tomato slices.

  1. Bottles - we can take any kind of plastic bottles for e.g
    •Cool drinks bottles ~100ml,~250ml,~500ml (transparent colorless)
    • Sanitizer bottles ~100ml, ~150ml.
    •Milk bottles - ~250ml, 500ml
    •Water bottles - ~500ml, 1 L
    also can take for this experiment.

N.B : Only one conditions is that bottles that you take must be transparent & narrow mouth.

  1. Tomato - Must be take rippen tomato. (Tomato can keep at lest 1 week. Other fruits became decay very fast )

Step 1 : Take 2 well cleaned dry bottles (same sized)
Step 2 : Cut tomato small pieces and put in bottles.
Step 3 : Keep one bottle near kitchen window side & other kitchen garbage bin side.
Step 4 : Check bottle at evening time,expecting more flies at 4:00pm.
Step 5 : After get enough number of flies (at least ~10flies) close bottles using cotton plug & keep inside.
We can check activities of fruit flies using this bottles.

These 2 Bottles are replicates. In this experiment we don’t need control.

Expecting collaborators from different parts of country ;

1.Kiran - Utter Pradesh
2.Raj - Delhi
3.Aastha - Haryana
4.Sachin - Mumbai
5.Yash - Mumbai
6.Isha - Warly - Mumbai
7.Rechal - Ranchi
8.Man - Ranchi
9.Manjuvel - Ranchi
10.Sidhy P P - Kerala
11.Seethalakshmy - Kerala
12.Aiswarya Eilisabath - Kerala.

Expecting collaboration get from these people who are already working in fruit flies .

Other than fruit flies collaborators can join with us like ishita - Assam, Batul - Kolkata, Anshu, Arunima - Kozhikode, Lakshmy - Thrissur and all people from different part’s of country invited
Some collaborators from north side, facing major issue to finding fruit flies from there locality. They mentioned fruit flies not able to find anywhere.
We can solve this problem using fruit kept bottles we can keep different place kitchen side, window side, Garden side etc… try to take more than 3 bottles. That will help to getting more flies.

•Can try to keep fruit open area & get some flies.
•Other ways we can keep bottles with fruit , so defiantly will get from from there…

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Morabadi - Ranchi

@Rechel_tirkey Cube Ranchi Moina shared her experiment using Cardamine model system.

Objective rate of seed germination of cardamine at different media.


  1. Tap water.
  2. Cotton.
  3. Soil.

Hypothesis : Higher temperature faster germination.
Total taken seed 180. Each 3 setup in 3 media.

Expectations :50% seed germination in 4th day every 3 set up & 90% seed germination in 8th day.

Summary of Discussion by @saswathy679

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