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Discussion Summary of Last session @saida786110
What do we mean by an immune response? When an antigen for example coronavirus invades a body. The cell like macrophage by the process of phagocytosis engulf the antigen and break it down, it is an antigen presenting cell, that is the parts of the antigen will be presented by macrophage. this presented antigen can be recognised by T helper cell which can signal more T cell to kill the antigen (helper T cell will produce cytotoxic T cell) The helper T cells will of course from memory T cells. So if the same antigen invade again the response will be comparatively faster as the memory cell can recognise the antigen

Another type of response is Through B cells. B cells can bind to the antigen through antigen receptor which will activate the B cell and there would be production of antibody also memory B-cell will be formed so if the same antigen is invading at the time The memory B-cell can recognise the antigen and start producing antibodies

How does coronavirus infect humans? coronavirus with the help of its spike protein binds to a human cell receptor, leaving the out of phone behind it transfers its genetic material that is RNA inside the host (human) cell. This genetic material is +ve RNA is used as a template by viral RNA polymerases to produce -ve RNA Which is further used as a template for +ve RNA which can be used as core RNA (genetic material)It further gets translated to produce coat protein

Antibody test Are carried out specially for plasma therapy so that the antibodies can be transferred to another patient suffering from Covid 19. How is this antibody test carried out?

We also discussed what are antibodies Antibody is a protein that binds to antigen and neutralises it The first step of infection by coronavirus is the outer protein coat the spike protein binds to the (human cell)receptor. So if a vaccine is developed of this spike protein we can produce antibody against this spike protein And hence the infection will not start in the first place that is the coronavirus will never be able to invade our cells because the spike proteins are bounded with antigen
Vaccines are helping us produce antibodies against coronavirus and memory cells Which can recognise the antigen then why does it happen so that some people after taking vaccines get affected by coronavirus?
There could be several reasons to it!
one could be that immune response is developed over a period of time and that differs from person to person so in case the corona virus infects before the immune response is generated the person will get affected by COVID

so if the coronavirus invade the body before the immune response is generated by vaccine, is the case more dangerous? as the immune system will be encountering both the vaccine as well as the coronavirus!

Also one important point in the discussion was that precaution is very necessary in this period of pandemic even if you take vaccines you should still continue to take precautions because immune response may develop over a period of time and in that period coronavirus can infect you

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424th day of CUBE ChatShaala: 17th May 2021
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Nellore: Anuhya Mucheli, Tejasri B
Guntur: Suma Swarajya Lakshmi

AND College: Aastha Ahuja
Dyal Singh College: Dr P. Chitralekha

Kokar, Ranchi: Man Masih Beck
Morabadi, Ranchi: Rechel Tirkey

Thriprayar, Thrissur: Aswathy Suresh
CDAC, Thiruvananthapuram: Hemant Jeevan Magadum
Thrissur: Jyothika P
Palakkad: Dr M Binumol, Dr Nisy Prasad, Shrudhiga, Shyam TG
SN College, Nattika: Seethalakshmi CR, Shaharuban
Thanniam, Thrissur: Sidhy PP

Ghatkopar, Mumbai: Anjanikumar Kashyap
South Bombay: Arunan MC
Nerul: Drishtant M Kawale
Worli, Mumbai: Isha Pawle
Powai: Lydia Mathew
NES Ratnam College, Mumbai: Sunita Chahar
Prabhadevi, Mumbai: Yash Sheregare

Kanpur: Hina Mudgal
Moradabad: Kiran Yadav

Kolkata: Batul Pipewala

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