S4E69 CUBE chatShaala: To detect new odors, fruit fly brains improve on a well-known computer algorithm

“When a fly smells an odor, the fly needs to quickly figure out if it has smelled the odor before, to determine if the odor is new and something it should pay attention to,” says Saket Navlakha, an assistant professor in Salk’s Integrative Biology Laboratory. “In computer science, this is an important task called novelty detection. Understanding how novelty detection strategies compare in both domains could give us valuable insights into both brain algorithms and computing.” The researchers suggest that their new framework could be useful in detecting duplicates or anomalies in large, streaming data sets, such as patient databases or news stories.

Above is the abstract from the given link, i last Discussion we had some participants from Computer science BITS pilani Goa, we tried to find out the connection in between Fruit fly and Computer system, it might seems that fruit fly wouldn’t have any commonlatiy but we found the common key

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