S4E78 CUBE chatShaala: "Analysis of Nail Data"

Quoted by @drishtantmkawale
Crucial developments took place in the Nail session wherein the observations of a handful of subjects (sample providers) were meticulously looked upon.
First, the Nail growth of a 25year old female was viewed.
The cumulative nail growth that took place over a period of five complete weeks is indicated below:
Week1: 1.8mm, W2: 3.5mm, W3: 4.1mm, W4: 4.5mm, W5: 5.3mm
Nail growth/week:
W0-W1: 1.8mm, W1-W2: 1.7mm, W2-W3: 0.6mm, W3-W4: 0.4mm, W4-W5: 0.8mm
An initial increase followed by a stark decrease then again a slight increase (per week)

What does this indicate?
What could be the possible reasons for this type of nail growth?
Is it seen in every person or it is just a chance event?

Next, to know more about the pattern of nail growth, observations from two more subjects viz. 19year old female and 19year old male were considered.

The cumulative growth and the respective graphs (X-axis: weeks, Y-axis: growth in millimetres) have been indicated in the above picture.
Although the 19F observations aren’t uniform (starting from week1 along with other anomalies), one can infer from the graph’s green line (19F) that the nail growth is increasing and then there’s a short plateau followed by a steep rise.
On the other part, 19M’s nail growth is consistent throughout.

What does this tell us?
As there are a lot of observations yet to be glanced upon, at the same time, there is a need for an increase in the sample size (i.e. more observations) to consider the outcomes of the analyses valid.
Along with this, regular observations and discussions are cardinal, in order to know more, learn better on the piece of keratin that continues growing on everyone’s fingers.

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