Sakshi and Theertha discussing about identification of Phyllanthus with CUBE mentors

Today’s discussion was about plants🍀

:white_small_square: So we discussed about phyllanthus, in that we talked about what we heard in last chatshala’s about phyllanthus and their identifications.

:white_small_square: Here we identified phyllanthus plants by showing their fruits under the leaves in that we also differentiated between phyllanthus urinaria and phyllanthus amarus, that how they have different characteristics, also we shared some photos of these two species to confirm whether these identifications are right or not .

:white_small_square: Then @Himanshu sir explained about these species in more detail and how they are important in medicinal use, also about how it is a model system.

:white_small_square: Followed by that @Theertha joined and told about her culture and how she worked on this model system where @⁨Archita rajbhar⁩ also shared that how she has identified phyllanthus plant in her college garden. And clarified her doubts identification.

:white_small_square: In between that @Himanshu sir made a statement that phyllanthus niruri is not found in India because many of us are confused about phyllanthus niruri and phyllanthus urinaria.

:white_small_square: I have also planted phyllanthus in our college.
For its identification I’ll be sharing some photos of it tomorrow.

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