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Hey guys, since some months i am working on my ncsc research project that is study of rising temperature of shirpur and solutions on them.
So , at first i have collected data of temprature from 2011. and I have take the tempratures of June , july and august under consideration. Because the the temprature in summer is very high and the temprature in winter is very low and in monsoon temprature is not too much high and low so i can monitor it all. After that i made grafs of it .and then I started to search the main reason of temprature rising on internet. And i found that temprature of atmosphere increase because of the greenhouse gases increases. After that i have considered some hypothesis of temperature rising that are 1. Increasing industrialization 2.burning of waste thrown on bank of arunavati river 3.increasing use of chemical fertilizers 4.increasing use of refrigerators and air conditioners5.deforestations. now i am working those hypothesis that i have considered are wrong or right then at first i created a e- form and asked few questions about farming and sent to farmers and i am waiting for their responses!:slight_smile:


What is the rise in temperature, say in the same month, year after year? Before ascertaining the reasons, we need to see if it is indeed true that the temperature is increasing.

What is the source of the temperature data?


I have collected data on

Temperature is rising every year but in 2017it is decreased and then in 2018,2019 it has increased again


Temperature is raising by how many degrees, and when it falls, by how many degrees?


@girasenilakshi A related post, that I found on a Twitter post linking it here


How did you connect farmers with that of rise in temperature? Do you think farmers play a role directly or indirectly in the rise of temperature?

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