Season 2 Chatshaala with electronics

Last month we had an interesting and meaningful conversation around unpacking a mobile charger.

Join us in the next phase of chatshaala starting 6th July, Monday. The details are below:

Days: Monday to Friday | starting 6th July

Time: 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Here is the room link to join: chaatshala

Any curious member is welcome to join! No background in any subject is required. Looking forward to the community members to join the “chatshaala”!

Glipmses of past sessions

Documentation/ Useful Links

Date Session Recording
07 July Tu S2E1 Link
08 July We S2E2 Link
09 July Th S2E3 Link
10 July Fr S2E4 Link
13 July Mo S2E5 Link
14 July Tu S2E6 Link
15 July We S2E7 Link
16 July Th S2E8 Link
17 July Fr S2E9 Link

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