Seasonal studies: Phyllanthus

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we are familar with different seasons such as spring ,summer,autumn and winter .In spring and autumn
we are getting equal day & night ( equinox ).But in summer and winter we call it as
solstice .In summer solstice we having longest day and in winter solstice we having shortest days.

Sleep wake cycle study in Phyllanthus

Phyllanthus is a plant belongs to the family Phyllanthaceae.

Theertha,Homelab Cherukkad, Kozhikode,Kerala

Characteristic feature :Presence of flowers and fruits under the leaves

These plants are showing the opening and closing of its leaves.

Theertha,Homelab Cherukkad, Kozhikode,Kerala

Sleep -Wake cycle study in Vernal Equinox

This is done by Srujal from Nashik mumbai on 21 March 2022

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This is done by Theertha from Kerala ,all these observations we can see the sunrise and sunset
time is not coincide with leaf opening and closing.

Sleep -Wake cycle study in Summer solstice

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  • Sunrise and sunset time is not coinciding with leaf opening and closing.The trigger of leaf opening or closing survey is not Sunrise or Sunset. Because, most data show that the process is initiated earlier both times.

  • Observations found from various places in india shows that the leaves of Phyllanthus starts to open and close its leaves nearly one hour before sunrise and sunset.


1)In Arabidopsis thaliana circadian rhythm controlled by three genes LHY,CCA1,TOC1.

(McClung, C. R. (2006). Plant circadian rhythms. The Plant Cell, 18(4), 792-803.)

2)In Phyllanthus urinaria circardian rhythm is controlled by factor 3 and factor 8

(Ueda, M., & Nakamura, Y. (2007). Chemical basis of plant leaf movement. Plant and cell physiology, 48(7), 900-907.

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