Self-sustainable Moina culture in Sakshi's Homelab

Following videos are posted by @sakshiconsultant2002 in context to Curriculum WhatsApp group

This is the video of selfsustainable moina culture… in this video we can see that there are no moinas available only green algae is present. Video taken on 5th December 2023, location-Bhandup, Mumbai.

Apart from the selfsustainable moina culture currently i have 3 bottles of moina cultures in my home lab from these three bottles 1 of the bottle is made on 25th july 2023.
To make this moina culture i took 500 ml of bisleri bottle-----> added 250ml of dechlorinated water-----> added 5 moinas from selfsustainable moina culture and in this bottle i used to add 1 drop of milk daily as a source of bacteria for moinas!
Here is the video of that moina culture bottle video taken on 5th December 2023, bhandup Mumbai.

Till December i was able to see some green colored particled in the same bottle.
Here is the video in which we can see green coloured water and some green particles in the bottle video taken on5th December 2023, bhandup Mumbai.

Moina culture @sakshiconsultant2002 's Homelab: