Should we get Blue Light glasses?

Should we get Blue Light glasses?

Information the people mostly have about Blue Light Glasses is that they defend our eyes from the Harmful rays come from screens of Mobiles/TVs/Laptops called Blue Light.

But, whole this statement is not true. Screens of Mobiles/TVs/Laptops emit Blue Light But that is not as strong that it can damage our eyes.

Dad's Spectacles

Therefore, if here is nothing which harms our eyes, Then there would be a question in your mind that What are Blue Light Glasses? They are nothing but normal glasses.

Now I think one more would be raised in your mind that How do manufacturers say much confidently “After wearing these glasses your eyes will be safe!”? First of all they never say that without wearing these glasses your eyes will be damaged and as I told there is nothing in screens which damage our eyes, then how will be eyes get damaged after wearing them.

So, we should not buy these glasses.

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@RyanAggawal8020SSK According to you the screens of mobiles/Tv’s/Laptop don’t harm our eyes but then why is there a lot of concern by the government, teachers and our parents that children are not to be exposed to screens for long periods of time?

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Kindly refer to the following link:


It are harmful rays but not that strong to damage are eyes permanently and make us suffer from spectacles. Some children are getting addicted to the use of Mobiles/TVs/Laptops.

One more reason when TVs were new in India that the children stopped concentrating towards their studies. Then their parents told them that if you will watch TV for long you will get spectacles on your eyes. Then they get scared and stopped watching TVs.

Opticians suggest us don’t to use Screens. But 2-3 years in my experience the optician me gave eye drops and told me to give rest to eyes and don’t use mobiles, TVs, laptops and books for 3 days.

@singh Actually this topic was on Blue Light Glasses they cannot defend us. The blue light in screens is not too strong. Long term use (9hrs) without taking care of brightness level mainly during night can cause something.

Recommendation -: In dark use night light mode.
That is better that these glasses.

I have blue cut glasses and these reduce the amount of blue light reaching our eyes.

The photo of glasses posted by you don’t seem to be blue cut as generally we see yellowish tint through them.

Is there any scientific study that proves it?


Yes, I have added image regular spectacles.

Actually I found indirect information than I came to my decision.

Go through this link :point_down:

In this article, One link is present in last line of first paragraph written ‘Click here’ that’s a example.

The article has no references at all.
One statement is of particular concern.
" comparing the effects of 6.5 hours of exposure to blue light to exposure to green light of comparable brightness. "

The assumption is that a led light produces the same amount of blue light as that used in the test. Which it cannot be because none of the gadgets would be useable if it were true.
A scientifically viable experiment would use the same source lighting as used in gadgets and compare it not to green light - I have yet to see someone use green lighting in their homes / offices - but to regular fluorescent lights. A chart of the spectrum of the experimental sources would also be needed to make sense.
That apart the claim in the article is shift in circadian rhythm, nothing at all about damage to eyesight.
Additionally many papers studied the lack of exposure to daylight and it’s consquences. Which include vitamin D defeciency and circadian rhythm change. The paper recommends at least 2 hours exposure to daylight.
Will add the link to the paper(s) later.

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