Sleep-Wake cycle in Phyllanthus

:herb:Today we had a *great discussion * started with *Shaurya * From *DSC college ,Delhi * .

:herb:@ Shaurya is Very *enthusiastic * to observes the *sleep - wake cycle in Phyllanthus * :herb::shamrock:

What is *sleep - wake cycle *:sleeping::sleeping::last_quarter_moon_with_face::first_quarter_moon_with_face: !!
Phyllanthus is a plant which is *similar to touch me not plant * .:sleeping:

Like Touch me not plant Phyllanthus also *close its leaves at evening * .:sleeping:

It shows a *circardian rhythm which repeats in every day * ,it’s *leaf opening at day * and *closing at night * .( Like we sleep at night😴 and wake up at morning🥶 )

@Shaurya had a question that "is there any *connection with sunrise time🌝 & leaf opening *":shamrock::herb: !!!

Let’s **do a experiment with him .Also we can connect that with the previous data that we have ( Precious seasonal study *:robot::robot: ) !!!

:herb: *Along with Chatshaala discussion Shaurya found phyllanthus plants in his Garden * .:clap::clap:

:herb:The way which *how Homelab is so special * :blossom:
:herb::butterfly: @sakshiconsultant2002 Please share your experience *how you find phyllanthus and the related story * .

:herb::fly: @Ichha Please give your *Homelab updates along with Whitefly story * .

:herb::memo: @Shraddha276 you *find new phyllanthus species *!? in your *Homelab *

Photo of @Sakshi’s Homelab .

Please tell us the story of *your phyllanthus and associated caterpillars *.

*Let’s have a collaborative work *:last_quarter_moon_with_face::herb::first_quarter_moon_with_face: !!!

:herb:We have *people at different places of our country * !!!:memo:
:memo:Map showing the *latitude and longitude of different places * in India.:memo:
:herb:It’s a *great begining * to find the connection with sunrise :full_moon_with_face:and Phyllanthus plant :shamrock:!!!

:herb: *Let’s join all *
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