Slice of the Season : Summer Solistice

Slice of the Season : Summer Solistice

A short observtion trip was conducted on 21st June, 2019 around Sapekhati, Assam (27°06´ N , 95°09´ E) accompanied by Mr. PK Phukon and Mr A Gayan. Most marker species of the season are found belong to fabaceae family.

Lagerstroemia indica

Albizia saman

Cassia fistula

Delonix regia

Lagerstroemia speciosa

Albizia lebbeck

Cassia javanica

Terminalia chebula Combretaceae

Phoenix dactylifera Arecaceae

Livistona jenkinsiana, Aracaceae

Calliandra emerginata



An absolutely delightful photo blog of Summer Solstice. I have edited and added an approximate location to the post.

I tried twice before posting. Having problem with uploading photos , again find difficult how to choose category etc. Still learning.

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We will make it easier as we go by. You are working despite difficulties and figuring out the way is appreciated. This is a huge encouragement.


What is the common name of this blooming tree?

Please encourage them also to join STEM Games. Then we can credit them directly.

Indian pride
In assamese Azar
We have songs with the tree too!