Slice of the Season: Summer Solstice on June 21st

Slice of the Season: Summer Solstice on June 21st

Celebrate Summer Solstice (June 21st) 2019 and the following week: by posting photos of trees, animals etc. representing their seasonal behavior (flowering, fruiting, sprouting, nest building, mating etc.). Upload a photograph with Location, Date and a brief description.

To add a location, look for the “Add Location” function in the composer while posting. You cannot add location if you reply to this message. Post your new topic under STEM Chat.

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Win CUBE Awards!

(Summer Solstice when the the longest Day length is around 21 June!)

Please post photos representing this from your surrounding:

With a *brief Description, Date:
Photo Credit:


How to upload sounds as I have squirrel mating sound so how will I upload it please help @jaikishan @G_N it is also a marker for seasonal change

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yes, behavioral changes at around the summer solstice. What is the file extension of your audio file. You can upload audio files too!

Gulmohar tree full fledge flowering
Location- outside St Xavier’s college mumbai
Pic credits- Bivas Nag

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Post such data not as replies to this thread. initiate a new thread with each post, only then we can have the location data added to your observation.

@bivasnag for your attention to this. Without adding location that data will not be useful for analysis.

@bivasnag @magpie @dialecticalbiologist @Ritam007 @harshitabhanushali99 @Hrushikesh @Sjuday2527 @kajalkumari @rk_gonna_rock @anu.arunsri @Lydia @Hinaiqbal_Mudgal @rahil.bhai_007 eagerly looking forward to entries on Slice of the Season as Summer Solstice is approaching tomorrow…

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Gulmohar- Delonix regia at full bloom during Summer Solstice20th June 2019.
Place: Bithoor in Kanpur, U.P.
Lati-26.6057* N
Longi- 80.2698* East
Data by @anu.arunsri[/img]

Add images

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@jaikishan where have to post the information and pictures ?

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You can post it here as well.
Write location details and upload photo. @rahil.bhai_007

Slice of season summer solstice
Date 21st june 2019
Mosquito collection sample Season 2
The return of Aedes Mosquitoes
Location chunniganj the mall kanpur
lat: 26.47714
Photo credit : rahil


Slice of the season summer solstice
Date 21st june 2019
Breaking news!
8 MOSQUITO samples were collected between 6 am to 9 am on 20th june 2019
Found near plants anvd refrigerator
Both Aedes and NON-AEDES mosquito were found
Location chunniganj the mall kanpur
lat/lng: (26.47714,80.33471)
Photo credit : rahil

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Please note this point. Create a new topic, either in Events or STEM Chat.

Do mosquitos have any interesting thing to do with seasons?
Please clarify how seasons affect mosquitoes?
If that is a question, you can create a New Topic under Stem Chat or Event section to tell everyone about Mosquitoes.

Eagerly waiting for more photos that make the Slice of St Xavier’s around the time Summer Solstice! @bivas