Smart Badge to display COOOL STEM Badges

ID badges are boring, especially in a conference.
Instead we will build an OLED badge to display our name.
Additionally the maker can display her COOOL STEM Badges on her sleeve - literally.
And have COOOL messages scrolling, rolling and flashing across.
A geek style statement.

Design criteria:

  • Compact
  • Low power consumption
  • Battery powered
  • IOB - Internet of Bling

We will use an OLED display driven by an AVR ATTINY85 powered by a rechargeable battery and connected to ones phone through BlueTooth Low Energy - BLE.


That will be great nyc idea :+1::grinning::grinning::grinning: @jtd


How will it communicate with a server? It should be some kind of configurable message on our dress.

What size are you thinking about? Can it be flexible material?

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Bluetooth Low Energy link, which will allow display of any message. Second iteration may use wifi.

Approximately 30 mm.
To avoid flexibile pcb which are expensive and fragile, initial design will use a flat cable to connect to the battery and bluetooth. The housing will be a hinged design, thus maintaining flexibility and allowing the hinge to act as a clip to ones pocket.
We could make it a single pcb and hang the gadget like a pendant, but the reason for a hnged design is to eventually get to the point of integrating such stuff with clothes.