Soft robots, plastic film and high voltages

This project is an attempt to make a soft robot. Eventual goal being to make a octopus like appendage.
@VijayVigyanShaala suggested use of high voltage on films causes the film to deform.
So, first step is to generate high voltages.
I decided to use my aeroponics mister controller board which generates 100v. Added 2 doubler stages and got 415 volts no load. Here is a pic of the bread board. I will add 3 more stages to get approx 3500v. Hope the bread board does not arc.

@prerak9 built a flyback generator and generates 12 kv.


This looks great Jude. I have a few ideas to see why high voltage on the PET did not bend it. The fish and other project which show the bending is a more complicated structure where PET is.ised as a backbone. I will write a note on it and send it toypuon how we can progress. Sorry for not looking at this post, trying to learn my way across stemgames.

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