Soil moisture Sensor

Sir, I want to measure the moisture of soil.
That’s why I use normal soil sensor( and also observe it. Then I found that it do not work for long time because it’s prove acts like a potential difference, so it corrodes easily.
Then I search about another type of soil sensor, it is capacitive type. It has two parts one is frequency generating and other is capacitive.
Then I think can we make it at home lab, if it possible please help me how can I make it?

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This is new to me… and seems interesting as well!
Can I know the meaning of capacitive soil moisture sensor? :sweat_smile:
I mean how will it work actually?


@Farhan and @firoj looking forward what you plan is after today’s discussion.

Can we make a soil sensor of our own?

And also please edit the above post with your objectives. What are the trying to do and what are you interested in finding about soil sensors?


The “theory” of the sensors is quite simple. Making a practical sensor that will last long is a bit tricky since there’s water involved, and also corrosion.
Check out this project - Vinudonio on Hackaday. It won the Hackaday Prize, is pretty simple, and is open source so you can make your own version.

But there are many other projects to draw inspiration from - check out these -


Hi guys.
Did you make a sensor finally?

No,Not yet made, because semester exam is going on…

I’ll make the sensor, after my exam is finished

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A similar effort at scale measuring and mapping many parameters of soil!