Some Project Ideas

Here are some project ideas that we can consider doing this week.

  • Micro Weather Station
  • Instrumetal cluster
  • Aeroponics
  • Gaming Station
  • Digital Microscope
  • ChotuBot or Tutle
  • Speedo Odometer
  • IR thermometer
  • Digital Instruments to measure anything
  • Convert an optical Camera into a Digital Camera
  • How to measure Plant growth?

Please post more ideas as a reply to this

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Direct Digital Synthesis
Musical Synthesizer

Can we work with some drones in future :relaxed:

What is aeroponics???

Biological materials analysis

Can we prepare sea oil seperator?

Smart water meter
Water consumption with option for billing
Leakage detection
And few other task for a typical house in smart City

How about build one for your home

Using cosidering ideas
Which are new

UPI payment display which sends invoice to the telegram

Hydroponics growth monitoring