Speech to text glasses for the deaf people. Sending text to bluetooth module

Aim: The basic aim is to create a kind of SMART Spectacles for the deaf that will convert speech to text and display it for them to read.

Currently I am working on a project to make spectacles for the deaf. The following are the components I will be using.

  1. Arduino nano
  2. Bluetooth module
  3. OLED Display for Arduino

The plan for my project currently is the following:

  1. Record sound by Arduino bluetooth control.
  2. Send that output to bluetooth model.
  3. Send the text back to Arduino.
  4. Display the text on the OLED Display for the Arduino which will be mounted on the spectacles.

I would like to know what the community here at STEM think about it and what changes do they suggest to make this a success. I am kind of newbie to a project of this scale and scope so some of my points above might seem crazy so I welcome any suggestions and points you have to say on this.
Brothers and sisters, I have issue to do the moment with sending text to bluetooth module, and displaying in OLED. I need your help, tomorrow I need to pass the project🙏 let’s connect my tg @bekmagambetd