Starting a functional wood-workspace!

Starting a functional wood-workspace!

Today we had a fascinating session on wood-work where we got familiar to various tools and techniques involved in this art.

The goal before us was to:
*Re-design and re-organize the G5 lab and make it more accessible where tools and resources are visible and shared easily among community members.

  • The cosmetic team helped a lot to clean up space and provide us the requisite kickstart to think about the various design decisions from the beginning.

We invited Viren for a day-long session and mentorship. Viren runs his makerspace in Chembur. He is an independent freelancer and had previously worked as a facilitator in Maker’s Asylum.
He specialized in woodwork and takes design thinking courses with children and adults alike.

Here is the pictorial glimpses of the session:


Simple pliers and cutter hanger using screws as pegs.


Great initiation of the workspace! Let us keep it going.

Make more stuff. Keep it clean, and aesthetic!