Stemgames app redesign

Stemgames app redesign

here are a couple of ideas in addition to what I already told you all on the conf call earlier today.

This is what the welcome page looks like right now

This is with a little bit of cosmetic surgery by me

The title and the welcome text are shorter and to the point. There is padding around the text to give breathing room (more on this below). The Stemgames icon was floating pointlessly in the middle of the screen. I’ve moved it to the hamburger menu where it provides a visual anchor.

Here is another example, the same URL, a bit further down


with changes

As you can see, the emphasis is on simplicity and white space. Everything needs breathing room, even text on a computer screen.

Also note some mods that might seem only cosmetic but go deeper. For example, you are using links for tags. Ok fine. But you are also using links for buttons (for example, the [ Request ] is a link right now). I have changed it to a proper button using the <button> tag. HTML is semantic. Use the power. Would you ask a cricket player to use a cap for a knee pad? no. Specific syntax is designed for specific elements. Explore them and use them properly.

HTML was designed for humans to read it. No human writes a word with underscores. What is Bits_2? That nonsense was invented by us computer programmers. Save it for the computers. For humans, spell it out as humans will write it, “Bits 2” (no underscores).

Also, a button saying just “Request” makes no sense because there is not surrounding context. I’ve changed the text to “Request Access” which provides that context. (Note: I forgot to change the button text in the first set of images above, but this rule should be followed everywhere. Make it easier for the user to understand what she or he is supposed to do.)

Remember, different things should look different, but don’t use “different” just for the heck of it. Everything should be there because it is needed, and nothing should be there that is not needed.

Take these ideas and run with them.


Thankyou @punkish. We will surely keep these in mind and use these ideas to modify the UI of the web-app.


excellent suggestions, and can be implemented easily. I will also look into reducing other text, which is still occupying some space.

The other issue that I suggested in yesterday’s meeting after you have left, is: it is not a bad idea to get people register from the site. So, for registration we can refer to the main site. Since this is to be done only once, this is not going to affect the experience.

Given this situation, now the focus is to fix the problem of successful login of those who already registered at the main platform. Of course as and when we know how to solve the registration issue, then even that feature can be diverted to the app, but I will give less preference to this requirement.

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