Sterilization measures in home labs

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I’m new here, I joined chatshaala after an interactive session with Prof. G.Nagarjuna and when I asked him a question, he encouraged me to write the same question here. Hence I’m here posting a question that has been irritating me since I came to know about home labs.

What are the measures taken for sterilization in home labs? How do you isolate pure colonies of bacteria, saving it from fungal contamination?


Good question :clap::clap:
What would you like to sterilize ?
What about

  1. Boiling or
    2)Using sanitizer?

Thanks for replying.

Boiling is a very common practice of sterilization and we can use pressure cooker as autoclave as well. But this can only be used for sterilization of media.

My question comes after that, is it possible to isolate a pure colony of bacteria in home labs? This would require higher level of sterile conditions, like we use laminar air hood in labs.

Because fungal contamination in bacterial colonies is very common, so in home labs, how do you prevent that?

And for sanitizer, we cannot use sanitizer after inoculation for it would kill the Microorganisms we have grown.

I hope now the question is clear.

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