Study on Learning & Memory in Snails

Study on Learning & Memory in Snails

Snails are found in any garden in rainy season. We need snails (preferably giant African snail also known as Achatina fulica).
Can we think of things Snail would like to eat, so that we can have snail as our pet, in school/home? Please enlist some of the things which could be food of snail, in reply section below.

Can we experimentally find out which food stuffs are attractant to snail, and which are not?
Please mention in reply section below, which foodstuffs you would like to test for snail?

Picture of Giant African snail

Video of Snail feeding

Can we train snail to get repelled from the food which it was attracted to before?
Please provide some ideas, how can we do it?

This will mean the snail can be trained to change its behavior from the food to one which it was attracted before.

Can this be called as learning?

Please visit the link, to see how Snails behavior can be changed by training.


They may be given the following things easily available:

  1. Cucumbers
  2. Cauliflower
  3. Carrots
  4. Apples

I have a few queries:

  1. Ecology : Is it native to India? If not, its an invasive species. Can we afford the damage it could do to our local ecosystem if it gets out?

  2. Legal: Is it legal to import or keep as a pet? Is it safe?

This way:

If I may push further - Can this type of behaviour/learning be transmitted to their next generation?


Hi all,

I am not a biology student. But I always get too many snails in our home garden during monsoon season. If someone would like to have a snail or two for study, please drop a message. I may be able to help once the number increases.

I have found that they do not require fruits for eating. They dwell on the plant pots where ample of leaves are there to feast on! It becomes a problem to the garden so can exchange them if anyone in Mumbai region wants to study!


Please post some photos of the snails in your garden!