Studying Household Emulsion

I am excited about studying emulsions using various household oils and emulsifiers such as detergents, proteins and particles. I want to see how the size of the oil droplets and stability of emulsion varies with what emulsifies is used and how are the salt concentrations etc. Please join me if you want to collaborate. @gnowgi please do add your thoughts. This is my example post for Kalpana fellows who will start documenting their projects here . @ravi312 @drBSingal

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Good afternoon curious folks! ,

Let’s get to know each other’s project choices. Tell us:

  1. Name:
  2. College, Year, and Course:
  3. what do you understand by emulsions? Why do you think we need them ?
  4. Why did you choose this project?
  5. Give examples of emulsions around you. It’s okay if you don’t know yet!
  6. Anything interesting you read about emulsions recently.
    7)Do you have any specific question are you planning to investigate under this project

So come one keep shooting your answers! I am excitedly looking forward to hearing them :heart:

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Uttrakhand ayurveda university 3rd year BAMS
Emulsions make our life more easy also our digestive process (fat also got digested by emulsification)
It will be intersting to study emulsions around us to know more about them and how the process works
Oil in water(when we cook we xan sometimes see that), milk, soaps
How can we make emulsions by ourselves like creams.


Samiksha Gadhve
Fergusson College, Pune
SYBSc (Geology, Chem, Phy)
Emulsions are mixture of two immiscible liquids. Emulsions have their use in biological process like breaking down of fats.
That cute fascinating LAVA lamp made for decor is because of the concept of emulsions.
It would be really interesting to know more about this topic.
I don’t really have any specific question to investigate :slight_smile:

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